Egalitarian Red-Herrings

Emma Turner- Sunday 14th March 2021 “I can’t believe you said that!” “You didn’t!” These are two phrases people often say to me when I tell them about something I’ve done within my career both in teaching and in leadership and then in terms of progression, networking or career development. You see, I apparently have a reputation for being a little playful, or cheeky or displaying a bit of a brass neck in situations where others may have been a little more reverent or deferential. But to me, I’m just behaving in the way I have been brought up, and … Continue reading Egalitarian Red-Herrings

Being ‘white passing’

Rebecca Lynch – Sunday 14th March 2021 I look white. Most white people can’t tell that I am mixed-race, black and mixed-race people often can tell. People are often intrigued about my ethnicity, am I Spanish or Italian, they ask. No, I’m not. I am a mix of Irish and Nigerian. My Mom (I’m a Brummie, we say Mom) is my mixed-race parent. She doesn’t know anything about her heritage, she was born to a white mother and a very surprised, white, stepfather in the 1960s. She has four sisters, two older and two younger who are all white. My … Continue reading Being ‘white passing’

“Why I wasn’t talking to people about race……until now.”

Marcus Shepherd – 28th February 2021 We are currently living in a period of time where the discussion about race has never been more prominent, particularly in the education world. From the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, the public stances and statements from the majority or organisations pledging to end racism and the many powerful and inspiring voices driving the discussion around racial equality and diversity through Edutwitter.   As a mixed-race leader of a school, I am often asked to share my experiences and opinions on the issues concerning race and diversity in both education & the wider world. Although I am a confident leader … Continue reading “Why I wasn’t talking to people about race……until now.”

“It’s not easy being mixed-race”

Louise Cooper – 28th February 2021It’s not easy being mixed-race, you get held up as an exotic symbol of how far society has come. Britain can’t really be that racist surely?  Human bridges to unite divided sides. A living balm on a fractured surface. The reality is, you can receive racism from both “sides”. You can often feel like you do not fit in anywhere, including your extended family…and you can’t simply seek out other mixed-race comrades – we really are a mixed bunch and sometimes we are hard to find. This is not just about colour; this is about … Continue reading “It’s not easy being mixed-race”