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Reflections on the 1% 

Louise Cooper A fantastic session for our first in conversation with the 1%- we had 18 mixed race educators/allies on the meeting. My initial thoughts were- “phew/yay people logged on” …closely followed by… “Have I ever been around so many mixed-race people in my entire life? No!!!”. It was so nice to see people that … Continue reading Reflections on the 1% 

The Sewell Report.  

The hot topic that brought the MixEd community together for our first event.   April 2021  Many of us have been deeply affected by the Racial Disparities Report by Dr Sewell. For many, including myself, it evoked an emotional response. As a person of colour, working in diversity and inclusion, the MixEd webinar to discuss the report was the safe space I needed. … Continue reading The Sewell Report.  

“Sinking into the stereotype”

Jordan’s story 3rd April 2021- Louise Cooper Names have been changed to protect identity. About Jordan: Jordan is in Year 10 and attends an oversubscribed, non-selective school in an affluent area on the outskirts of Manchester. The school profile is predominantly White-British. Jordan came to this area when he was in Year 3 from Stretford, … Continue reading “Sinking into the stereotype”

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