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It’s Coming Home…

By Adam Vasco Adam is a Lecturer in ITE (Primary/Early Years) at Liverpool John Moores University It’s Coming Home…..Unfortunately, when I say ‘it’ I am referring to racism and when I say, ‘coming home’, it never really went away.  It is Monday 12th July 2021. The dust is just settling on the first major final … Continue reading It’s Coming Home…

Reflections on the 1% 

Louise Cooper A fantastic session for our first in conversation with the 1%- we had 18 mixed race educators/allies on the meeting. My initial thoughts were- “phew/yay people logged on” …closely followed by… “Have I ever been around so many mixed-race people in my entire life? No!!!”. It was so nice to see people that … Continue reading Reflections on the 1% 

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